Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have been trying for the last hour to make a simple credit card payment on the net, and no matter what I try it doesn't work, and it doesn't give me any feedback as to why the payment was rejected (and I've checked that I have enough money in my Credit Card account). I've made plenty of such payments before with no hassles. It's driving me crazy :-)

Update. I received the following email from the company

I am afraid we had issues over the last 12 hours in processing credit cards due to an error with our Acquiring Bank and Payment Processor; this resulted in many orders being cancelled, including your orders.

We are very sorry if this has caused any problems, but due to the timing we were not aware of the issue until this morning.

We now believe everything is working okay, so you should be able to place your order successfully.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

“Formatted paste” feature for text editors

“Formatted paste” feature for preserving bold, italics and underlining formatting in text pasted into a plain text document, using the plain-text formatting conventions *bold*, /italics/ and _underlining_

Say you’ve copied some text from something like a Word document or a PDF document that contained bold, italics or underlining formatting. If you want to paste that into a text editor, you lose that formatting.

The “Formatted paste” feature would preserve it, using the common plain text conventions for representing such formatting: asterisks for bold text (like this: *bold text*), forwards slashes for italics (like this: /italicized text/) and underscores for underlining (like this: _underlined text_).

For example, the “Formatted paste” would automatically put underscores around bits of text that were originally underlined.

If you're wondering, I just suggested this feature to the makers of the two Text Editors I use TextPad and NoteTab.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

'Swipe' technology for touchsreen text input

It's a very neat idea - the touchscreen displays a keyboard, and you just draw a line with your finger that passes over the letters you want and it figures out what you're trying to type. If this works as good as it seems in the demo, this is going to be everywhere soon. See the (2 minute) video.