Thursday, June 24, 2010

The suggestion I sent to @TransLinkSEQ

#bnept. I sent the following suggestion to Translink regarding their tweets about service disruptions. Their @TransLinkSEQ account sends out tweets like:

Airport Line train service disruption. Visit for more.
To find out the details you have to go to,
find the bit with the link to more info. E.g. for that item, there's
a bit of info on the site
Passenger alert
Airport Line train service disruption from Wednesday 23 June
then you have to click the link on that alert which takes you to the page with
the actual details of it, which is located at

Things would be much more direct and simpler if the original tweet
just referred directly to that page, as in:
Airport Line train service disruption.
(or of course the URL could be shortened by a URL shortner like