Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Misc Recent Articles: New Aibo, Bangalore's Infrastructure Problems, Cheaper CDs, Mars' Redness

New Aibo - There's a new model of Sony's robotic dog, Aibo (PcMag). Improvements include a new, quite cute look, more realistic and smarter movement, and better pattern recognition.

High-Tech Bangalore's Infrastructure Problems - infrastructure can't match business boom in India's high-tech city (USA Today).

Universal Music Group Reduces CD Prices - an effort to bring customers back into retail stores and boost music sales (CNN).

Meteors Made Mars Red? - It seems likely that meteors, not water, gave Mars its distinctive colour (EurekaAlert from NewScientist). Also talks a bit about the issue of how much water was on surface of the planet in the past.

The economics of application installation - Most computer people are stuck in the "disk space is scarce" mindset, but Sean McGrath has been thinking about some consequences of this no longer being true.

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