Saturday, July 01, 2006

Identifiers for News Stories

Just a quick thought... It would be interesting if you could subscribe to a particular news story, so that you could automatically receive any followups to it.

So if you subscribed to a news story about someone being injured, you could receive followups about how they ended up fairing. In the current dynamics, follow ups tend to be buried under 'the news of the day', or are simply not done.

This would require some sort of identification of a particular story. That in itself would be interesting, if different parties reporting on it were using the same identifier.

I'm not saying that this would be a click of the fingers to get right, but I think that it could be worked out. I think it's pretty inevitable that things will evolve towards making the information we deal with more explicit, and this could be a place for a small step -- of many such possible places -- towards that.

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