Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A train that never has to stop: clever 'out of the box' way for passengers to board and depart

Here's a neat idea for a train that trains wouldn't have to ever stop at stations. It's been developed by Taiwanese inventor Peng Yu-Lun. (via Carectomy).

On the top of the train sits a little car, and passengers wanting to get off the train can enter it before it reaches the next station. As the train drives through the station, the car slides off the top of the train and onto a railing beside the platform.

Passengers wanting to board the train get into a similar car at the platform before the train arrives, and it slides onto the train as it passes. So at each station, the car currently on the train slides off and a new one slides onto it.

The video on the linked page shows how it works.

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