Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Immobolised Pefectionist and the Persistent Perfectionist

Perfectionists are often portrayed as overly finicky people who can't produce anything if it isn't perfect, who thus can't get started and never get anywhere. We can call these people immobilised perfectionists.

But I think there's another meaning for 'perfectionist' that tends to get overlooked. This is the persistent perfectionist, who has really high standards - and is persistent in trying to meet them.

They appreciate that perfection is not immediate and that they won't be particularly good initially. They appreciate that it'll take a lot of practise to get really good. Because they're persistent, they won't stop trying trying to improve until they’ve met their really high standards.

Here's an example of an (otherwise good) post that treats 'perfectionism' as if it could only mean immobilised perfectionism.

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