Sunday, August 24, 2003


Don't be afraid to be a bright! A bright views the world in a naturalistic light, free of the supernatural. Let Daniel C Dennett explain.

As Dennet says "[what] we want most of all: to be treated with the same respect accorded to Baptists and Hindus and Catholics, no more and no less".

There's a slight negative slant to the definition of 'Athiest' : someone who doesn't believe in religion. Right off the bat you're positioned as something lesser. Bright, on the other hand, is positive. You can feel like you want to be a bright.

There's not much identity associated with 'Athiest' - it's just the collection of people who don't happen to believe in religion. Bright, on the other hand, gives the same level of identity as 'Baptist', 'Hindu' or 'Catholic', and that's a good thing.

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