Saturday, August 30, 2003

Phantoms in the House

A bit after lunchtime today I came out from my bathroom to hear Chicago by Groove Amarda on the radio. Cool, I thought, I like that song, and especially cool because it's one you wouldn't expect to be played on the radio much (I don't think it was a single).

Then a spooky realisation hit me - it was playing on the lounge-room stereo rather than my portable stereo. I keep my portable stereo on the dining room table (the dining room is combined with the living room) and I knew that it'd been playing before I went into the bathroom, and I knew that the stereo had been off - I always use my portable because it's more accessible and its controls are quicker and easier to use.

What the hell was going on? Had like someone broken into the flat and was trying to play with me?? Then I figured it out: the power must have briefly cut off - switching my portable stereo off, and when it came back on the stereo must have switched itself on and, as it always does, started playing the CD in its tray - my copy of the Groove Amarda CD, the first track of which is Chicago. A quick look at the microwave and its reset clock confirmed this hypothesis.

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