Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Language/Thought E.g. Involving Feining Uncertainty

Just jotting down a minor e.g. of language/thought stuff. Someone forgot to mention something that they should have mentioned to someone else, and even though they know they forgot to say it, they say to the other person: "Oh, I might have forgotten to mention to you that...".


  1. Hey Keith,
    Not sure if your comment is "what's the point of noting such examples" or "what is the point being made by that example"...
    To answer the first one: i think that problems with languge use is response for a lot of ineffective thinking, so i've been noting down any examples I see, even minor ones like this.
    For the second option: the point was that it's a way that language can be used to try to avoid responsibility. it's essentially lying, and using language to present the lie in a more subtle way.
    Hope that clarifies my point