Thursday, March 27, 2008

Reader's Digest: 23 ways to avoid catching a cold or the flu

The seems to be a lot colds going around lately -- I've got one now. Reader's Digest has an interesting list of things you can do to prevent catching a cold or the flu.

Here are some of the interesting ones I hadn't heard of. Some might sound strange, but they make sense after you read the explanation for them.

  • Wash your hands twice every time you wash them.
  • Run your toothbrush through the microwave on high for 10 seconds to kill germs that can cause colds and other illnesses.
  • Leave the windows in your house open a crack in winter.
  • Speaking of which, buy a hygrometer.
  • Sit in a sauna once a week.
  • Inhale air from your blow-dryer.
  • Wipe your nose -- don't blow.

Here's another bit from it
3. Use this hand-drying strategy in public restrooms. Studies find a shockingly large percentage of people fail to wash their hands after using a public restroom. And every single one of them touches the door handle on the way out. So after washing your hands, use a paper towel to turn off the faucet. Use another paper towel to dry your hands, then open the door with that paper towel as a barrier between you and the handle. It sounds nuts, but it's an actual recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control to protect you from infectious diseases like cold and flu.
I've always found it strange how many people don't wash their hands... I wonder why exactly?

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  1. Well I think people not washing their hands is a combination of laziness, ignourance and just plain poor hygenie habit. I while I don't feel clean till I have throughly washed my hands, I can see how other people might think that it was unnecessary.