Thursday, April 13, 2006

Laddered Skills

Skills are 'laddered'. Your capabilities develop through several stages, or rungs.

The skills we develop build upon those we already have. Lower-rung skills are pre-requisites for developing higher-rung skills.

You can't avoid these dependencies, even if there's wide variation in the way that you learn the skills. Wide variation in learning styles does not equal complete freedom in the order that we can obtain the skills.

There doesn't have to be just a single ladder leading up to mastery of a skill, however.

You can't avoid these dependencies and, without obtaining the intermediate skills, leapfrog more than one rung from your current position, no matter how much you might grit your teeth and exert effort. Effort can't leapfrog over dependencies. And remember that it takes time to develop each skill.

More on laddered skills to come.

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