Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Music I Like: You Know You're Right by Nirvana

For a while I've been wanting to write a bit on music I like, but it's one of those things I never get around to.

So in a more bottom-up spirit, I thought I'd start small, and try and do it one song at a time.

This time it's Nirvana's You Know You're Right (Wikipedia entry).

Posthumus releases can be a bit of a worry -- are they just trying to dredge up any old thing they can? -- but I was quite pleasantly surprised by this song. If you don't know its background, it was recorded in 93 or 94 but wasn't released until almost ten years later.

The song is pretty classic Nirvana, combining power with melody, and 'you know you're right' is a nice lyric.

The verse music is also a little unique for them, having a sound that I can only think of describing as a little funky, having more bass and more of a looping structure to it.

And who else but Kurt Cobain could half-sing, half-scream a couple of drawn out utterances of 'pain' and make such a great-sounding chorus?

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