Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moving the cursor around in the vi text editor

Moving the cursor around in the vi text editor

Note: so far, this is an incomplete list, and I'm experimenting with the way of presenting the keystrokes - the keys to press are specified in superscript text. Hopefully it's not too hard to work out.

There’s the usual options

  • lefth or rightl, upk or downj
  • start/end of: 0line$, {paragraph} or [[document]]
But also more powerful control
  • start/end of: bprevious-wordge or wnext-worde
    where a ‘word’ is anything delimited by non alphanumeric chars.
    There’s a parallel set of commands for which a ‘words’ delimited
    by whitespace:
    • start/end of Bprevious-wordE or Wnext-wordE
  • first non-whitespace char^ on line
  • end of the nth line downn$ from the current one
  • nextf<char> or previousF<char> occurrence of char on the line
    • or the character before the nextt<char> or previousT<char> occurrence
    • the nth next occurrence of char on the linenf<char>

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