Thursday, October 02, 2008


Wow. It’s a pretty impressive film, especially when you consider how unpromising the setup sounds.

The two main characters are robots. WALL-E is a waste compaction robot whose body is essentially just a cube. He has two arms but catipillar treads for legs. He has two lenses for eyes but no other facial features. Eve is a egg shaped scout robot who flies around the place and whose body is pretty much featureless except for two arms and a pair of glowing eyes.

There's hardly any dialogue; pretty much the only things WALL-E and Eve ever say is their own name or the other’s name. They do express a lot of body language, though.

Most of the action takes place on a desolated future earth, covered with garbage (WALL-E’s job is cleaning it up) and devoid of life. There are some humans, later on in the picture, but they’re secondary characters – and have little traditional appeal (they’re lazy and obese, not good looking).

But with all this Pixar have put together a wonderful movie – a love story between the two robots – that is both very funny and quite touching.

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