Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Intregrating Transinfo and Google Maps

I'd be nice to have some integration between Transinfo and Google Maps. Transinfo is the public-transport journey planner for the Brisbane area.

Some examples of possible integration (Most or all of which I'm sure have been done in various other places around the world). Showing the real-time location of buses and trains on the map. Overlaying bus routes over the map.

Being able to plan a trip, and marking it out on the map. This'd be especially useful when it involves changing between serveral buses, and having to walk to a different stop to catch the next bus.

Being able to search for a location in Google Maps and to feed that in as a 'from' or a 'to' address in the journey planner. Or if you use Google Maps to mark out how to get from one place to another by car, be able to immediately get public transport journey information.


  1. Google are rolling out transport stuff in .au, starting in Perth.


  2. Cool, that sounds good.