Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Extending cut-and-paste: repeated pastes of an item, interleaved with unrelated cut and paste operations

I want to start looking at why you'd want some of the features I've described (there are still some more features to describe, but I'll get to them later).

Here's a reason for wanting to be able to store up more than one item on the clipboard.

Sometimes you want to paste the same information multiple times, and it may be some time between each paste.

There might be a certain phrase that will need to be included various times in a document you're writing, which you may end up needing to paste five times.

In a case like this, in between those pastes you'll want to be able to perform other unrelated cut and paste operations.

If you've only got a single-item clipboard, then each time you perform one of those other cut and paste operations, you'll have to recopy that phrase onto the clipboard before you paste it again.

That means you'll have to either find one of the other instances of the phrase in the document, select it, then copy it. Or you'll have to store a copy of that phrase somewhere like in another document just containing it so you can quickly get it from there.

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