Sunday, June 15, 2008

Extending cut-and-paste: viewing clipboard contents

Providing a way to view the clipboard's contents. (Again, something provided by a number of clipboard extensions).

(In this and all of the other posts on this topic, Windows will be assumed. It's just easier to write about a single operating system, than try to give a generic description that applies to all the major operating systems, and Windows is what I'm most familiar with).

To view the clipboard contents, you could press


There could also be a clipboard icon on the system tray - clicking this could bring up the clipboard contents.

They could be displayed in a little window. It'd be a window like any other -- that you minimise, maximize, ALT+TAB to, etc.

You could drag and drop content into the window - and also drop text onto the clipboard icon.

As a more lightweight way to see the clipboard contents, you could hover the mouse pointer over the clipboard icon in the system tray, and this would show the contents in a little "speach bubble" window. As soon as you'd move the mouse, that bubble would dissapear.

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