Sunday, June 15, 2008

Extending cut-and-paste: cutting/copying new item to end of list

The user could select text then type


to add the selected text as a new item at the end of the list of items in the clipboard. Or do the same but cut the text rather than copying it.

If there was already an item on the clipboard, then this operation would add a second one. If there wasn't any item on the clipboard, the operation would act like an ordinary copy operation - the clipboard would end up with just a single item on it.

By default an ordinary cut/copy/paste operation will act on the last item on the list. So if you do an ordinary cut or copy, it will add that item as the last item on the list - replacing what is already there. This is the cut and copy behaviour we're familiar with. An ordinary paste operation will paste the last item on the list, leaving that item there in place - again, like the paste behaviour we are familar with.

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