Friday, June 27, 2008

Extending cut-and-paste: Copying link location and other context-menu operations

You can copy the URL of a link on a web-page by right-clicking on it and choosing the 'Copy Link Location' (or whatever it is called in your browser) option on the context-menu.

How could you use mult-item clipboard operations for items you copy via menu items, such as in this case? How could you specify where in the clipboard to copy it to, and whether to insert it as a new item there or to replace the existing item there?

Here's how it could work. To insert the URL as the third item in the clipboard, the user could type

     ctrl(+shift) 3 +

and then while still holding down ctrl,

     right-click the link and click 'Copy Link Location'

which is essentially the same set of keystrokes as you'd use for performing the same copy operation with some selected text. The difference being that here they don't type the 'c' as they would to copy some text.


  1. Alright, what's going on. Are the cut and paste people sponsoring your blog now or something? what's with all these posts about cut and paste!

  2. it's a sweet sponsorship deal alright. i get jetsetted around the globe, a car, free t-shirts, the works baby! :-)

    (and yes there are a fair few more posts on this topic coming up)

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