Sunday, June 15, 2008

Extending cut-and-paste: notes at end of first session

As a note to myself, some of the other things I want to write about:

cutting and copying - inserting an item anywhere in the list
cutting and copying - replacing an item in the list
pasting - removing pasted item (pop paste)

and then getting into why this sort of thing is useful
the same information often needs to occur in mutliple places but in different forms
this and other motivations for common cut and paste usage patterns
and the ops support things like using clipboard as a queue or stack, as one way to support those usage patterns

other misc tools/operations such as list ranges, list reversal

spliting and joining cuts-copies-and-pastes
cut-, copy- and paste- templates
reln between cut and paste and the notion of 'scratchpads'
why the MS office mult-item clipboard sucks
features designed for "expert users"

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